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Weight Loss Diet

Indian Diet tips for losing weight.

1. Drink lots of water : Keeping body well hydrated is one important way of detox therapy. Our body cell need enough water to function well and it is also important for maintenance of skin suppleness.

2. Eat fresh and whole foods : Whenever eating fruits and salad try eating it whole and fresh. Cutting, shredding, removing its skin increases surface area exposure and thus vitamin loss. Also cutting into pieces leads to loss of fibre .

3. Avoid eating left overs : Many Indians especially women try and avoid throwing excess food. Instead even on a full stomach they try and finish off the dish. Also we make it a prestige point to encourage others for second helpings. Being frugal or friendly is good but should not lead to piling up of unnecessary calories and fat.

4. Avoid eating high fat / sugar dishes : Occasion or not we Indians are addicted to eating sweets or adding sugar / jaggery to our daily food. Also the tea/ coffee/beverages are generously sweetened. This unknowingly increases our calorie count . Among sweet dishes go for those which have less fat content. Eg. Choose shrikhand instead of gulabjamuns , kheer instead of jalebis.

5. Fasting for religious purposes : Religious fasts if followed well and rationally can give an added boost to your weight loss program.

But, You need to be totally healthy i.e no B.P, diabetes, other disorders the fasts have to be for a limited period i.e 1-2 days /week only you should be well hydrated throughout those fasting days you should feel energetic and able to do normal activities on the day When these guidelines are fulfilled, the fasting phase would be beneficial to your weight loss.

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