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22 Sep 2014
Fat2Fit has good dietician .

With Fat2Fitho’s personal dietitian service I was able to eat right & exercise better. The diet was similar to my everyday eating pattern so it was very convenient & practical. I am glad that I found Fat2Fit. The guidance that I received from Fat2Fit helped me lose weight without starving me. I finally feel my age & have learnt how to manage my health better.

25 Sep 2014
Fat2Fit is a very good solution.

I was having severe back pain and my doctor advised to lose weight to get some relief. I finally enrolled (after lots of thoughts) for the diet program in Fat2Fit and this transformed me. In three months I was in normal category. Full credit goes to my personal dietitian from fat2Fit- the way she customized my diet program considering my challenge with my travel and my back pain. A good mix of food and workout did the trick. Now I look fitter and younger (comments from my team members). Another plus is that this program has given relief to my back pain. My transformation was a positive for my team member in my work place. I will take the good lessons learnt from the program and will share with all whom I interacts. A big thank you to the Fat2Fit team for such a wonderful program and experience. Keep it up!!

30 Sep 2014
Fat2Fit has changed my life.

It started off on a slow pace. Gradually my body started to respond to my healthy lifestyle shift. All the stuff that i had heard about body releasing “happy hormones” when you exercise seemed to come true. I saw i was slowly losing weight but most importantly was i feeling great! This new transition made me feel on top of the world. What I realized is that this feel good factor then became my motivation to continue this new healthy lifestyle routine. Hard work eventually paid off. In less than six months my cholesterol levels were down to range. This new lifestyle worked well for me. Now that I was feeling good and healthier I wanted to push myself to get into a better shape physically. With limited information at hand I had managed to get healthier but in terms of weight loss and body toning had hit a plateau. Thats when I consulted Fat2Fit to help me overcome the plateau and help me get the body shape I want.

01 Oct 2014
Fat2Fit has helped me loose my weight to good extend.

I was overweight and eversince i logged to Fat2fit I became very cautious on what ever I eat, not only calorie constious but also nutrition value. I started exercise with 1 hrs in morning regularly . Of course with lot of addon benefits like no snoring, less appetite and more active thru out the day. I will keep you posted on further progress in weight loss once my target is reached.

02 Oct 2014
Fat2Fit is good online home solution.

“In the month of June, I have had a high blood pressure,. The doctor prescribed pills for weightloss and a change in diet & exercise. But I wanted to control my weight without pills.With Fat2Fit’s help, I have identified the problem areas in my diet. I added a whole new list of simple, healthy and delicious foods, besides following Fat2Fit’s exercise plan for just 25 minutes per day.” In 3 months, I have lost weight, and my blood pressure is in normal range.

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