You did not gain it overnight so do not expect to lose it overnight.

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One Month

Includes :

  • Registration Fee
  • 1 VC Session
  • 2 Expert Diet Sessions

All @ Rs.499

Three Months

Includes :

  • Registration Fee
  • 3 VC Sessions
  • 7 Expert Diet Sessions
  • 10% Discount on Package cost

All @ Rs.1347

Six Months

Includes :

  • Registration Fee
  • 6 VC Sessions
  • 14 Expert Diet Sessions
  • 15% Discount on Package cost

All @ Rs.2545

One Year

Includes :

  • Registration Fee
  • 12 VC Sessions
  • 28 Expert Diet Sessions
  • 25% Discount on Package cost

All @ Rs.4491

Note : Extra VC Session at Rs.149 by Dietician.

VC = Video Conferencing Service.

Prices are inclusive of all taxes.

Package Details

Here is a detailed explanation of the online weight loss process you will follow:

Step 1. On our home page, you will find the link for Registration. Fill up the personal details, health history and food recall forms. On the basis of your weight loss requirement and preferred time duration, package options need to be selected.

Step 2. Complete the payment procedures. You can choose to pay by online payment mode.

Step 3. Within 24-48 hrs (depends on mode of payment) we will send you a confirmation of your . payment and details. You will also get your login id and password for website access.

Step 4. Depending on your preferred package and individual requirements , our online weight loss experts would email every week a customized diet and corresponding exercise schedule .

Step 5. You will have a fixed number of Video conferencing (V.C) sessions with your online dietitian. You may decide when to avail these sessions as per mutual convenience by requesting a prior appointment .

Step 6. Using your login details enter your parameters and daily intake, output details on your account for our experts to observe. You will be given regular feedbacks, changes based on these enteries.

Step 7. You can view your updated weight loss progress report online anytime you want.

Step 8. Once weight loss process has started, you can become a member of our online committee and get free entry into our exciting contests and challenges.

Step 9. With weekly changes and suggestions in accordance with your body’s responses, weight loss would be readily achieved and visible online too. You can choose to share thoughts and reviews about your online weight loss experience with others too via testimonials, whatsapp……….

Step 10. For further inquiries, queries or simply to know us better, send us an email on :

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