Those who do not find time for exercise will have time to find time for illness.

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All of us know that for losing sustainable fat weight we need to follow a balanced diet coupled with a efficient workout. There are so many options available in the market providing both these factors. But almost all of these choices need face to face involvement. Many people hate to or simply cannot go to a fitness/ diet club on a daily basis.
We work towards a simple rule – Motivate the client and keep faith. If the client is motivated and dedicated enough weight loss is readily achieved. Our weight loss experts will recommend a weekly diet and exercise schedule made individually for you. They will also monitor your progress daily and give you timely advice on changes needed.

1. We have a huge variety of exercise combinations that are used effectively as per the situation. These exercises suit the most unconditioned to athletic type clients and are recommended as per the client’s requirements. For the beginners we have basic yoga and floor exercises, followed by variety of strengthening and aerobic types graduating into pilates, toning and maintenance activities.

2. Clients will be emailed a link of these exercise videos so they can be watched on demand on a T.V, laptop, tablet etc. Thus clients can see expert demonstration while actually exercising or just skim through it in office at their convenience. This reduces chances of forgetting steps or making mistakes.

3. Expert advice on various types of outdoor activities suitable to your lifestyle and physical capacity. For outdoor activities, we recommend you to use a pedometer . Thus based on the number of steps taken we would be able to estimate your calorie output and match it with a more flexible dietary intake.

4. The underlying principal for recommendation is always no or minimal equipment exercises.
This way the exercises do not burn a hole in your pocket and can be done lifelong.

One of our clients Mr. Prakash says it all when he comments “ Online Fat 2 Fit se haste haste vajan kam hota hai lekin jeb nahi! “ Remember, fat lost is health gained !

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