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Case Studies

Mrs. Gupte, 56 yrs old

Before : 76 kgs weight and 146 cm in height. She suffered from uncontrolled diabetes mellitus and severe left knee pain. She is a housewife with very little physical activity.

After : 61 kgs weight and blood glucose levels in control. Her knee pain has significantly reduced and she is now an avid gardener.

Problems :
1. 16 kgs overweight thus extra fat deposition in body
2. Uncontrolled diabetes thus lack of energy
3. Knee pain mostly due to excess weight and less calcium through diet
4. Lack of exercise , adding on to the vicious circle

Solution :
Through a scientific approach a well balanced diet was planned by experts online. The diet was made specifically for Mrs. Gupte considering her likes and dislikes and convenience. Being a diabetic, she needed to provide her body with timely food intake in a small serving. She was also given light exercises in the beginning ,improving them futher as weight loss began leading to less knee pain. Thus she started with simple hand and upper body workout and gradually was directed to do a full body low resistance aerobic mix. Care was taken so she could follow it well and because the guidance was made available to her online she could keep in touch with weight loss experts every time she needed. She is very happy for the weight lost and relief from pain but more so because she did it on her own without having to go to the clinic.

Mr. Verma, 45 yrs old

Before : Business man. weight 88 kg and is 170 cms tall. He has to frequently travel and gets to eat home cooked food only 10-12 days a month. He has been diagnosed with a pre- diabetes and pre hypertension risk. He used to be an athlete but hardly gets time to exercise nowadays.

After : 76 kg, blood glucose and blood pressure within normal range. He has taken up cycling on stationary bike for atleast 30 min/day or takes the stairs during his travels.

Problems :
1. 8 kg overweight with fat deposition on tummy area.
2. Irregular food pattern
3. Family history od diabetes and heart disease
4. Lack of exercise

Solution :
Given his busy work life, he was given a menu plan that taught him to choose better. He was given food options readily available in market alongwith the desired quantity. He was also asked to carry some easy to take food items from home while travelling. At home he was advised to quantify and choose better so as to compensate for the extras during travel. As he was an athlete, he still had the power & mindset but needed to develop the stamina for physical activity. Personalized activity schedules helped him catch up faster and is now comfortable on cycling for bigger spans. Our weight loss experts have helped him start with small walks graduating into swimming and floor exercises followed by a cardio & aerobic workout plan. He now looks and feels fitter and is able to do 30 min of activity in spite of a packed schedule.

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