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1. Is there strict dieting involved?
Ans: If by strict dieting you mean starvation , then no we do not believe in fad diets. Research has shown that such diets which alter the proportions of macronutrietnts do not possess long term benefits. Thus we advise diets based on individual requirement and give your nutrition status paramount importance.

2. I easily get bored with the same meals very quickly.
Ans: For variety lovers like you and in order to provide varied nutrients through different natural items, we send you a new diet plan every week.

3. How can I stay in touch with my dietitian?
Ans : You can stay in touch with the dietitian any time of the day via email. Your query would be answered by the expert on priority basis. You will also get to speak face to face via the video consultation (V.C) facility.

4. How will I know about my overall progress in the program?
Ans : You will be sent a weekly online progress report assessed by the weight loss experts telling you how much you have achieved and what needs to be done further.

5. Can people with other health complications join in the weight management program?
Ans : Yes, diet and exercise advice will be given in accordance with any illness present such as diabetes, hypertension, PCOD etc. But make sure to let us know about the condition/s before starting the program.

6. I am pregnant and worried about my weight. Can I join in?
Ans. We would recommend you to follow a healthy food and lifestyle regime until child birth and 6 months lactation. After this period is over, you are welcome to join in and loose the extra baby weight. Similarly people with ongoing antibiotic /therapeutic treatment for some long term illness are advised to finish the treatment first and then join in for weight management.

7. How much weight loss is achieved in a month?
Ans. Depending on individual efforts and body responses weight loss rate differs. But if every aspect of the program is followed, generally 3– 4 kg weight loss per month can be achieved.

8. I don’t have time to / cannot cook different meals every day. Can I still join and get results?
Ans. Yes, you can definitely join and see results. Please mention this fact while filing up your food preferences in the diet recall sheet. Easy, nutritive meals would be suggested specifically for your convenience.

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