Eat to live, not live to eat.

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Lets call our program a “health gain” program rather than just weight loss regime.
Because while shedding off the excessive fat stores we want you to develop a fit body and healthy lifestyle.
In this program, let us keep small and realistic goals to begin with.
Once you start setting and achieving small milestones , reaching the ultimate weight loss destination is a achievable and enjoyable journey.
Also information about the availability of food options, body’s response to various food contents, management of hurdles in weight loss add a new understanding of our body’s tendency.
In this online weight loss program, weight loss experts assess your current situation in terms of weight, physical activity, and other health conditions, if present.

A target would then be decided upon mutually and you will receive the following guidance on weekly basis :

Customized diet plans based on your needs planned by a Registered dietitian.
Depending on your weight loss need, appropriate calorie burning exercises that fit into your lifestyle ,would be provided via video links.
You will receive regular progress report regarding your weight loss program giving you a summary of your achievements and lacunas.

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