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Food Myths

Myth 1: Dairy food causes weight gain.
Explanation : Dairy food including milk, curd, paneer are very good protein sources especially for vegetarians. If all these items are skimmed/ cream removed , they are completely safe to consume while on weight loss.

Myth 2 : Skipping meals would save calories and help weight loss.
Explanation : It may seem an easy way to lose weight but skipping meals only makes us more hungry for the next meal. Also blood glucose levels may get altered leading to tough resistance from the body to use up the stored fat. Stuck up weight is the last thing one wants while on weight loss. It is okay to skip an occasional meal due to indigestion, bloating etc. But avoiding meals never helps losing weight.

Myth 3: All carbs are bad.
Explanation : Complex and simple carbohydrate are the primary source of stored and instant energy. They are vital for protein utilization in our body. Too much simple carbohydrates like sugar, honey, glucose, bread etc when not utilized are turned into fat. Hence it is best to avoid them. Complex carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables are full of fibre and vitamins hence can be consumed in a limited amount. The ground rule for all food items is ‘ Never overeat’.

Myth 4: Olive oil is very safe to use for weight loss food.
Explanation : Olive oil is a good, healthy oil. The fatty acids in olive oil are beneficial for heart and health. But oil is oil. Calories of all oil are similar. Thus unlimited use of olive oil is not advisable at all.

Myth 5: Food for weight loos is plain and ininteresting.
Explanation : Food for weightloss at Fat to fit has following principals- a) Limited portions b) include good quality protein c) low oil/ fat in food dishes d) include variety of natural foods Apart from this, food can be seasoned and made tasty according to individual choices. Variety and spiciness of food would keep it interesting for a long time.

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