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Fad Diet

1. What is a fad diet?
The diet that has either of the following points is termed to be a fad diet:-
1. There are no long term plans for weight maintenance.
2. The diet restricts consumption of one or more food groups.
3. Claims of fast weight loss in few days are advertised.
4. Cravings , hunger pangs, tiredness felt during the diet.
5. Weight lost is gained back quickly. No permanent result seen. Examples of some such fad diets are Atkins diet, Ketone diet, High protein diets, Zone diet, G.M diet etc.

2. What are the ill effects of fad diets ?
1. Lack of nutrition on everyday basis.
2. Serious metabolism changes, decreasing quality of life.
3. Leads to many lifestyle diseases and misconceptions.
4. Costly meal supplements, protein powders etc involved.
5. Weight comes back after starting normal food.

What is the safest and yet effective way of weight loss?
1. The safest way to lose weight is the one that includes variety of food items providing adequate nutrients and is easy to follow.
2. The calories consumed need to be used up by adequate physical output. When this is achieved, sustainable weight/ fat loss is achieved.

About the Fat to Fit way
1. Weight loss done at Fat to Fit is through a balanced intake of nutrients and appropriate output of calories through simple exercises.
2. This leads to a sustainable and healthy fat loss.
3. This way there is no muscle breakdown and no shrinking of skin.
4. Thus the results are beautiful and of course well deserved!

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